One Year Anniversary

Hard to believe that it's been a whole year since we hit the studio to record Journeys Ahead, which also means it's been a year since I moved out of Denton and relocated to the Big Apple! To commemorate the occasion, here's a little chunk of my favorite tune from the album, Atlas. This track features some incredible percussion work by the amazing Connor Kent. I think he played and recorded 6 or 7 different instruments just on this one track (using his superhero skills, of course)!


To hear the full track, you can purchase the album at

also on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby.


I know I haven't posted a new video for the Summer Video Series in while, but I promise the next one will make it all worth while. Check back in the next day or two for a brand new composition, featuring some amazing young composers and musicians I had the pleasure of working with at the Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency in Wilmington, DE. I'll also post a bunch of news regarding my time at the residency including many great performances and a couple very cool radio interviews!